If I’m so smart, why can’t I get a good night’s sleep?

You get it.  You should get a good night’s sleep.  Every. Single. Night.  The research is conclusive.  And extensive.  As Arianne Huffington has so decisively proven, “There’s practically no element of our lives that’s not improved by getting adequate sleep.”  A good night’s sleep is imperative if we want to be healthy, work smarter, be

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How to be a miracle maker.

No matter your faith, ‘tis the season for celebrating miracles.  Pretty big ones in fact.  Yet a miracle doesn’t have to be monumental. It just has to be. But after this past couple of years when simple things, like giving a hug, became difficult, it can be hard to find the miracles. Yet miracles happen. Every. Single. Day. We just

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Add Joy to the World!

Does someone make your world delicious? Perhaps they offer a hand, admire the baby, invariably text just when you’re feeling low, offer you a ride, share their best recipe, make time for a walk, or wave you over when you arrive at yoga. They are the people in your life who share a tidbit or a book

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Go Have Some Fun

At risk of stating the obvious…. the last 18 months have been difficult. The uncertainty. The reckoning. The personal and societal mood swings. Covid first stirred, then vigorously shook our lives and although the news is better, we are still in a state of uncertainty. Thus, getting back to the art of living can still

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