How to be a miracle maker.

No matter your faith, ‘tis the season for celebrating miracles. 
Pretty big ones in fact. 
Yet a miracle doesn’t have to be monumental.
It just has to be.

But after this past couple of years when simple things, like giving a hug, became difficult, it can be hard to find the miracles.
Yet miracles happen. Every. Single. Day. We just forget to see them as such. 
So what’s today’s miracle? 

  • I don’t own a single ugly Christmas sweater.
  • I overcame my apprehension and wrote a first draft of that story I’ve been nervous about sharing.
  • I realized that giving a donation in everyone’s name who I don’t yet have a gift for is the perfect solution.
  • A hit most every light when I was feeling rushed and impatient. 
  • I have a machine that does dishes and another that washes clothes. 
  • Science. Scientist. Vaccines. 
  • Chocolate… need I say more?    

If you’re having trouble finding today’s miracle, follow these 3 steps. 

  1. Think of 3 things in your life you take for granted. Perhaps it’s your car, your renewed appreciation for hugs, and clean drinking water that comes out of the tap. Or a phone that fits in your pocket, goes everywhere with you and can help you connect quickly and easily with those who are dear to you. 
  2. Now imagine your life without those things. 
  3. Finally, imagine these things being returned to you, one by one, over the course of a couple of months. Which would you want returned first?  Would it feel like a miracle when it appeared? Would you be grateful to have it? 

Focus on the little miracles that happen every day and bit-by-bit, your life becomes miraculous.
Wishing you joy and miracles this holiday season. 

If overcoming your apprehension and writing that story you’ve been wanting to share would feel like a miracle to you, I teach courses on writing about your life. During my course, you’ll explore and share your stories in an encouraging, confidential, and appreciative environment. Sound miraculous? You can learn more here.