Tired of feeling distracted and disconnected? Try these 3 easy steps!

As social distancing and worry about being around others ebbs and flows, our feeling of connection doesn’t have to take a(nother) hit. 
Try these 3 ridiculously quick and easy steps to create more connection with yourself, your surroundings and others and see if doing so helps you experience a greater sense of ease and belonging.
1.  Set your alarm so you wake up 3 minutes earlier and then use those 3 minutes:

  • To take 3 deep breaths, pausing at the top of each breath for 3 counts.
  • While breathing, think of 3 things that make you the wonderfully unique person you are. 
  • Stretch from head to toe pausing to notice how your body feels.

2.  Pause as you go about your day, spending an 30 extra seconds outside:

  • Notice 3 things related to your senses during your thirty second pause
    • What you hear when you stop to really listen.
    • The different smells that you can pick out.
    • Your heart beating.
    • The way the air feels on your skin.
    • The way the light catches your surroundings.
    • The colors that capture your attention.           

3.  As you sit down at the computer to start your day, pause and send one quick text or email that starts with the words thank you.
That’s it. 
Three very simple practices that can increase the warmth and connection you feel each and every day.
Looking for a more? Add this power move to your week:

  • Think of 3 small things you can do this week that will make you smile or bring you joy and add them to your routine. (Some examples: Play your favorite song from high school and sing along right before that dreaded meeting, stop what you’re doing and spend 3 minutes playing keep away with the dog when you notice you’re feeling stressed, try WORDLE the fun new sensation taking word lovers by storm (I’m hooked!), treat yourself to a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, look up a silly joke and challenge yourself to tell it until 3 people laugh out loud.)