Hi there.  I’m Lisa Culhane.

I’m a Martha Beck certified life coach and Guided Autobiography instructor because my dream job as a lounge singer was squashed early in life by my inability to hit the right note. That and a little something that happened that changed my view of the world and my life’s work.

In 2009, my husband and I pulled our two young children out of school and spent a year traveling around the world through 33 countries, having a life altering-experience and  blogging about our adventures.

During our travels, I was impacted by our extended time together, the things we saw, the people we met, the stories we heard, and the optimistic attitudes we encountered. 

The experience inspired me to want to help people claim their unique place in the world by fostering positive change for themselves and others.

Our trip shaped both my family’s and my legacy and gave me a unique perspective on what is necessary to maintain a positive attitude, foster relationships, and create lasting significance and meaning. 

By helping others envision, design and live a life based on personal values and heart felt desires I help my clients make an enduring difference while magnifying the purpose and meaning they bring to their own lives.

Prior to venturing into the world of entrepreneurship and coaching, I worked in the nonprofit world as a public policy wonk, focusing on equality and civil rights. I’m also an ex-community service director, ex-fundraiser, ex-stay-at-home mom, current 28+ year spouse and a reluctantly retired day-to-day parent of two amazing kids who both ended up at Stanford. (Go Trees!)

As a life coach, author and speaker, my quest is to share what I know about discovering, nurturing and expressing ones unique, authentic purpose.

Ultimately, my work is about helping people who are in the midst of a change, intentionally create and start their next chapter.

I’m a big picture thinker who eventually gets to the details.

I’ve taken a lot of assessments over the years and according to the Kolbe assessment, I’m a high fact finder and quick start. The VIA Me lists love of learning and curiosity as two of my top strengths. According to Myers Briggs I’m an INFP and on the Strengths Finder my top 5 strengths are all in the strategic thinking category while BuzzFeed tells me I’m most like Elsa.

All those assessments confirm that I like big ideas, I’m forever curious and I connect the dots with ease.

Lucky for me those traits are the DNA of a good coach… one who sings loudly, proudly and tonelessly in the car!

Denver, Colorado based with global clientele.

A couple additional bits and pieces...

Life Coaching Credentials

Martha Beck Certified Coach 
Certified Guided Autobiography Instructor
Gottman Institute, Method Couples Therapy Level 1
Appreciative Inquiry Certified Practitioner
Byron Katie 9 day school graduate

School Credentials

Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.  Master of Arts, Liberal Studies, 1996. Thesis: Gender Issues in Business Management.
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.  BS, Business Administration, 1988, Emphasis in Marketing and Management.

Writing Credentials

Author of the Best Selling e-Book, “Discover the New G-spot.” (It’s about gratitude and guilt!)
Contributor to Thrive Global, Grown and Flown and my very own blog.

Curiosity is my superpower.

What's yours?

A couple years ago I was feeling pretty down. I felt like everywhere I turned there were problems that made me feel small and powerless. Problems that made me feel inadequate in my ability to make a real difference. I wanted to help solve these big problems, but didn’t feel empowered to do so… they just felt too big.

So I started with something I know and love.

After using one of my favorite coaching tools on myself, I was reminded that 3 of my favorite things are cooking, writing and feeling like a part of a community. When I combined all 3, my pet project, called SouperPower, was born.

I created a bunch of original, easy to make soup recipes that are designed to cook and share with family or friends. 

Now they’re part of my blog. Enjoy