Why Bother?

When you give 100% you don’t have to deal with regret, along with the sadness and disappointment.

If I’m so smart, why can’t I get a good night’s sleep?

You get it.  You should get a good night’s sleep.  Every. Single. Night.  The research is conclusive.  And extensive.  As Arianne Huffington has so decisively proven, “There’s practically no element of our lives that’s not improved by getting adequate sleep.”  A good night’s sleep is imperative if we want to be healthy, work smarter, be …

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Craving more Connection?

I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day because the myriad of feelings and reactions the 3 little words, “Happy Valentine’s Day” can stir up deserves to be addressed and, in many cases, mitigated! Especially when a quick search brings up the word lonely as often as love in relation to Valentine’s Day… as well as jaded, …

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How to be a miracle maker.

No matter your faith, ‘tis the season for celebrating miracles.  Pretty big ones in fact.  Yet a miracle doesn’t have to be monumental. It just has to be. But after this past couple of years when simple things, like giving a hug, became difficult, it can be hard to find the miracles. Yet miracles happen. Every. Single. Day. We just …

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Increase Your Gratitude ROI

Thanksgiving is over.  Even the leftovers are gone.  So why keep focusing on gratitude?  Even though gratitude is proven to make you healthier, wealthier, wiser and happier, isn’t it time to move on? To focus on what’s next. But wait. Before you move on, consider this: Studies show that going for depth, rather than breadth, creates a bigger return on investment when …

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