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I was introduced to Lisa through a friend and honestly I wasn't sure what it would be like to be "coached" over the phone with someone that I had never met in person. Well, I can honestly say that it did not matter one bit if we were on the phone or had been sitting next to each other. She reached in a grabbed me during our very first conversation. I absolutely committed to being focused and attentive during our sessions, but Lisa made that very easy. I felt like every conversation moved me in a positive direction. Lisa made it extremely effortless to be vulnerable with her which made our sessions that much more effective. I've taken a short break from our last set of sessions but I can't wait to continue learning more of her techniques and tools toward living my fully authentic life and getting over those obstacles which hold me back.
Karen M.
Working with Lisa completely changed my life. When I started my life coaching, I felt my career was in a rut. I had been a teacher for over 20 years, and was not really unhappy, but felt I wanted more. I was not really sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to feel passionate about my work. I worked with Lisa one hour a week for six weeks, and each week I became very excited about our meetings. We discussed many topics, from dreams to how I felt about different rooms in my house. I was not really sure where all of this was going, but by the end of the 6 weeks, I knew I needed to enroll in the Natural Chefs Program at the Nutritional Therapy Institute & paint my room a very warm mocha color. Six months later, I am half way through the chefs program and I have never felt more engaged in my life. I have learned more in two months than I ever learned in college. I have changed my diet completely and have never felt better. I am also planning on starting a personal chef/consultation business in the near future. Oh, and I feel so relaxed in my new mocha colored room!! Lisa truly helped me find my "North Star", and I am grateful I had the opportunity at age 50 to finally find my true passion! It's never too late! I highly recommend life coaching with Lisa..... it will change your life.
Laurie L.
Some might say that I learned about Lisa Culhane and her life-coaching practice through a happy coincidence - I purchased meals that she had donated to a school fundraiser. However, I realize that Lisa appeared in my life, exuding her calm gentleness, at a moment when I most needed guidance with life issues and career goals. Throughout my sessions with Lisa, I benefited from her unique capacity to first listen to me and then help me learn to listen to myself in a new way. The insights I gained from my time with Lisa are an amazing resource I draw on each day in my journey toward fullness and balance in life. I now see Lisa as an instrument for positive growth in my life and I am comforted to know that I can turn to her any time I am ready to take new steps and learn new things.
Cheryl F. 
Lisa’s class is a definite must if you want to begin living the life of your dreams. This class not only served as an opportunity for me to receive ideas and input, but it also helped me to begin to move forward to a place of greater awareness and happiness. Lisa's loving, genuine and compassionate teaching style is uplifting and contagious. I am so grateful for the gift of Lisa’s class