Increase Your Gratitude ROI

Thanksgiving is over. 
Even the leftovers are gone. 
So why keep focusing on gratitude? 
Even though gratitude is proven to make you healthier, wealthier, wiser and happier, isn’t it time to move on? To focus on what’s next.
But wait. Before you move on, consider this: Studies show that going for depth, rather than breadth, creates a bigger return on investment when it comes to gratitude. 
In fact, studies show that practicing gratitude, in-depth, a couple times a week, works better than an everyday gratitude practice. 
The way it works is simple. 
Instead of writing a list of 5 things you’re grateful for everyday, you pick one thing and write about it in depth.  

  • “I’m grateful for my husband”
  • “I’m grateful for my children”
  • “I’m grateful for my job”
  • “I’m grateful for clean water”
  • “I’m grateful for the readers of my blog”

I’m grateful for my husband because:   

  • He tells me he loves me every single day, even on my, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.  
  • He’s one of the funniest people I know and makes me laugh, sometimes begrudgingly, most everyday of my life.
  • He is one of the smartest, deepest thinkers I know and is a linguist extraordinaire.  
  • He can reach the top shelves in the kitchen.
  • He loves to travel as much as I do.
  • When our children left the nest, he began writing a handwritten letter to each of them every week and has never wavered from this practice.  
  • He pretends I don’t snore.

Focus on one thing you’re grateful for. 

Lots of juicy details. 

Repeat, two to three times a week.

You can even make this work for something that might not be making you feel particularly grateful right now. For instance if your job is driving you crazy your list might be:

I am grateful for my job because:

  • It gives me a way to pay my rent and buy food which I value doing.
  • It is a stable base from which to start thinking about what I desire in a workplace. 
  • My windowless cubicle has helped me realize how important a connection with the outdoors is so I’ve started taking a walk everyday during lunch.
  • My current boss has helped me realize me how much I value (autonomy, my hair, compassion, bathroom breaks….).

This is the new face of gratitude.
Give it a try and increase your gratitude ROI today.