Working with people across the street and around the world
1:1 and in groups

 Working with me 1:1

Do you have something more you want to contribute to this world but could use some support

  • discovering what it is,
  • designing it and
  • creating a plan to go out and get it

If the desire is there but you feel stuck because the right plan and actionable steps elude you, I can help.

I work with people from all walks of life who are stuck and ready for a change.

  • First, we’ll take a look at your life so we can figure out what you want to carry forward and what you’re ready to discard.  Plus, we’ll define your strengths, desires, sources of energy (and  and super powers.
  • Then I’ll teach you the most effective ways to manage your thoughts, emotions and actions so you can easily overcome the things that have kept you stuck
  • Finally we’ll create an action plan with actionable steps so you can prototype a couple of options.

By the time we’re done, you’ll be living a life that feels inspired, authentic, fun and engaging.

And the best part?  When we’re done, you’ll know exactly what to do the next time you get stuck! (Because in a well lived life there is always a next time!)

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 Join a group program 

There Is No More Required Reading!

What if your next chapter was so compelling, you couldn’t put the book down?

  • Do you sometimes worry the best chapters over and done?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if you’re irrelevant now that the nest is empty and retirement is near?
  • Are you ready to read what you want, not what was assigned?

Join my 6 week “There is No More Required Reading” group coaching program.

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Business Consulting

You go to work.  Or run a business.

To make a living.

But also to make a difference.

Yet the make a difference piece has taken a back seat or been moved into the trunk or relegated to a shelf in the garage.

Which leaves you feeling unappreciated.   And frustrated.   And stuck.

You wonder if it’s time to switch jobs, try a different industry or to just start drinking heavily.

If you find yourself in a conference room or at a meeting or at your desk dreaming about being someplace –  anyplace – else on earth, it’s time to try something different. (No. Not drugs. Or living off the grid in Mexico.)

I’m talking good old-fashioned appreciation.  For yourself and for others.

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I know you can do this and so do you.
I also know you can muscle through and do it on your own.
But it’s easier and faster with a support system on speed dial.
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