A miracle doesn’t have to be monumental.

It just has to be.

Miracles happen every single day we just forget to see them as such.

What’s today’s miracle?

  • My spouse volunteered to do the grocery shopping
  • A project was postponed so I had time to watch my son play baseball
  • The traffic was lighter than usual when I was running late
  • That perspective client called me back
  • I met someone who I really resonated with
  • The store called to say they had my credit card
  • I have a machine in my kitchen that does dishes and another one in my basement that washes clothes.

If you’re having trouble finding today’s miracle try this exercise. Think of 3 things in your life you take for granted. Perhaps it’s your car, your sense of smell and clean drinking water. Now imagine your life without these things.  Finally, imagine these things being returned to you, one by one, over the course of a couple of months. Would you feel grateful? Would it seem like a miracle?

Focus on the little miracles that happen every day and bit-by-bit, your life becomes miraculous.

Now that’s something to be grateful for.

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