“They” say it’s rude to talk about religion, money, sex and politics so I’m only going to explicitly talk about one, at least today.

I attended a political rally yesterday.

It’s that season.  And the seemingly endless ads filled with half-truths, hyperbole and mudslinging along with the money spent trying to influence the voters is enough to make most cringe.  Add to that a general feeling of malaise about politics (at best) and perhaps, more accurately, a feeling of disillusionment, distrust and dissatisfaction and the midterm elections can be a real downer.

Yet yesterday I came away with a different feeling.

I felt grateful.

(And no, that’s not the first line of a joke.  I actually felt unexpectedly grateful.)

(Really, you can stop smirking… anytime now!?!?!)

While it might sound a bit crazy, as I stood there listening to the speeches, I felt grateful for the politicians – for the countless hours they work and for their inclination to support each other.

I felt grateful for their willingness to travel untold miles, shake hands and kiss babies all in the hopes of getting to do what can be a thankless, difficult and grueling job at the local, state and national level.  I was even a bit awed by the vast amounts of time and money they spend “applying” for said job.

And I am grateful that I have a say in who gets to do the job.

I am grateful that I can choose to forego apathy and pick engagement.

I am grateful that I can see past my anger at the disrespectful tone of politics and instead look for courage, compromise and reason.

I am grateful that I get to vote my hope rather than my fear.

I am thankful that I get to vote.  And I am grateful that you have the option to do the same.

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