Some might say that I learned about Lisa Culhane and her life-coaching practice through a happy coincidence – I purchased meals that she had donated to a school fundraiser.  However, I realize that Lisa appeared in my life, exuding her calm gentleness, at a moment when I most needed guidance with life issues and career goals.  I call this a “God-incidence,” rather than a coincidence because I believe that Lisa’s presence in my life at just the right moment (namely, when I was open to what she had to offer!) was a gift from God.  Throughout my sessions with Lisa, I benefited from her unique capacity to first listen to me and then help me learn to listen to myself in a new way. The insights I gained from my time with Lisa are an amazing resource I draw on each day in my journey toward fullness and balance in life. I now see Lisa as an instrument for positive growth in my life and I am comforted to know that I can turn to her any time I am ready to take new steps and learn new things. – Cheryl Fleetwood