Discover the super power of turning a chore into an opportunity for connection.

Easy soup recipes to make together with family or friends and created to share.

“Coordinating and synchronizing with other people is a powerful way to lift your physical and psychological well–being.” from WHEN, by Daniel Pink

I believe in super powers!

Not the type in comic books and in movies but the sort that happens when we nourish ourselves and our relationships.

The type of super power that is activated when we do something nice for someone else.

The type of super power that sometimes gets overwhelmed by our to do lists, our busyness, and our world.

SouperPower is my answer to overcoming the overwhelm. 

SouperPower is designed to help you nourish your body, your family, your community and your spirit while taking care of something on your to-do list!

I believe in the super power of a good bowl of soup and connection

Soup and community are better when the individual parts come together to create something that is more nuanced and nourishing... more satisfying then when going it alone. SouperPower provides easy soup recipes that are crafted to make together with family or friends and created to share.

Deliver weekly recipes directly to my  inbox. 

Transform an hour (and a chore) into an opportunity for deeper connection and greater happiness.

Get this weeks recipe from SouperPower.

SouperPower shares an easy to make, delicious recipe each week.

Spend time cooking with family or friends.

"Coordinating and synchronizing with other people is a powerful way to lift your physical and psychological well-being"

Make a big pot of soup.

Keep half for your dinner and give the other half away to someone who will enjoy it.

Feel Good!

Happiness is directly correlated to our ability to connect to our family, our community, and our world.

Recent SouperPower Recipes

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How it works!

  • Receive a tasty recipe each week that makes enough soup to feed 2 families.
  • Schedule an hour, once a week, to make a pot of soup with your child or children, your partner, a group of friends or coworkers.
  • Gather your supplies, turn on some music and get to work.

Some of the Benefits!

  • Carve out an hour or so a week to connect with yourself, your family or friends and your community… and to do something that nourishes both your body and your spirit.
  • Create space in your life for real-life, human interaction.
  • Feel happier, more content and satisfied!
Authentic relationships are what nourish us on a daily basis and sustain us through tough times.

Why Soup?

This project started because everywhere I looked I saw major problems. Problems that made me feel small and powerless.  Problems that made me feel inadequate in my ability to make a real difference. 

I wanted to help solve these big problems, but didn’t feel empowered to do so… they just felt too big. 
So I decided to start with something I know and love.

I realized I could make a difference in my own family and community by connecting through the simple act of making soup.

Yet more upside!

Carving out time to be together while doing something tangible and worthwhile.

Become a role model for what empathy and giving looks like in action.

Create a way to naturally talk about why we do nice things for others.

Immediately experience the positive impact we can have on our world...  I’ve yet to deliver soup and not have someone’s face light up. 

Make generosity a habit.

Turn a chore into something fun that can also benefit others.