Weaving through the vineyards and olive groves on the back roads of Sicily my family has been exploring Greek and Roman ruins dating as far back as 500 BC. 
Astoundingly, many of these ruins stand as if unaffected by time. 
But some look more like a pile of rocks then an archeological treasure. 
Unless, of course, you don your junior archeologist’s hat and start looking for clues. 
Like putting together a puzzle in which some pieces are missing and broken, reconstructing a temple in your mind from the rubble before you is a fascinating and fun diversion.  You first look for key-holes and carving, indicating that that the rock before you once was part of something bigger.  Then you start imagining how the pieces might have fit together. 
The same can be said when looking at our own lives. 

What might first appear to be a pile of rocks may be a treasure, just jumbled, broken and missing a few key pieces. 
In your life, what looks like a pile of rocks?  Sifting through the pile, can you find a starting place – one piece that you could be grateful for finding?  

Building on this single piece, what can you imagine?  

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