Lisa Culhane, LLC

That satisfying life for which you long is within reach.

I can help you get there. 

In 30 short minutes you’ll know if working together is right for you! And it’s FREE! 

If you know you need to change it up but aren't quite sure how, one on one coaching is just the thing.

I know you can do this.
And so do you.
I also know you can muscle through and do it on your own.
But it’s easier and faster with support.

Looking for more delight in your life?

Miracles and magic happen when we remember to invite them in.
Yet, can we get so caught up in getting it done, surviving the day, and ticking off our to-do list that we forget to offer miracles and magic a seat at the table.
My job to help you remember to invite the miracles and magic into your relationships and into your life.
So if you ever wake up in the morning wondering where the hell did I put the absolute delight -- give me a call and together, using some really practical tools, we'll find it.

How it works

We meet by phone or, if you are in the Denver area and you prefer, in person.

You can email or text me during regular business hours throughout the duration of your program with any questions or concerns that come up between sessions and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

You are in charge of our meeting times which you book via my on-line scheduler.

Once we’ve connected and decided to work together I’ll send you a link for payment and scheduling. 


4 weeks of Coaching


6 weeks of coachinG


12 weeks of coaching

This could be you…

  • You. Showing up. Each. And. Every. Day.
  • You. Knowing how to deal with and face down the discomfort.
  • You. Knowing how to deal with your kids, family, boss and coworkers.
  • You. Living by your own rules.
  • You. Blowing raspberries at the naysayers and living an uncompromising, uncensored life you love.
  • You. Confident. Creative. Communicating.

Coaching is not a form of mental health therapy

Coaching is not a form of mental health therapy and does not meet the need of individuals who are best served by a licensed mental health professional.

I believe Dr. Martha Beck summed it up best when she equated life coaching to hiring a personal trainer.  If you’re ill, you work with a doctor to get better.  But if you are healthy and want to up your game, you hire a personal trainer to help guide you to a stronger body.

Same goes for life coaching.  If you’re mentally healthy and want to up your game, life coaching can help you do so in many different ways.  It can help with motivation, goal setting and clarification, finding your intuitive voice, feedback and accountability, discovering strengths and weaknesses… to name a few.

Also, please know that many people work with both a therapist and life coach.