Sophie - one good thingNoticing the improbable moments of grace in your life to find one good thing.

Sophie’s been walking me to the library for almost 13 years, at least a couple times a week, so she knows the routine. Recently on that walk she stumbled and fell 3 times when her arthritic leg gave out and 2 people stopped us to ask about the lump on her side and the sore on her leg.

Along the way, Sophie got back up 3 times, gave audience to those who asked, investigated many interesting smells and wagged a steady message of joy all while basking in weather that was neither too hot nor too cold.

Along the way I worried that she is getting old. And that she’s been at it for a while.

Guess who enjoyed our walk more?

Sophie did what she always does. She focused on the good. It’s her nature to do so.

And it’s my nature to worry even though I’ve been working on overcoming this particular inclination for years.

In my perfect world, I would be a profoundly positive person… more Sophie like.

But alas, I need to work on it.

Every. Single. Day.

Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of ways to build and maintain my positivity muscle.

This year I’m doing something ridiculously easy.

Every night, when I crawl into bed, I’m writing down one good thing that happened during the day.

Something specific.

If she could, Sophie might write, “I met two new people on my walk to the library and one even stopped to pet me.”

For me, tonight’s will be “My daughter and her friends asked me to join them in a game of dominos.”

One. Good. Thing. Even on the terrible, horrible very bad days when it’s not easy to think of one good thing.  

Journal - one good thingI’ve borrowed a phrase from Anne Lamott to scrawl across the top of my notebook… Improbable Moments of Grace.

I would love company on my quest to channel my inner Sophie. If you’re interested, grab a notebook, (or start a list on your phone) and let’s go!

P.S. Yay for empirical evidence! The day after I wrote this, I had “one of those” days. Not catastrophic, just unrelentingly annoying… the kind of day where you end up at the grocery store without your wallet at 11:00 a.m. and given the number of snafus you’ve already encountered you say to the cashier, “I wonder if I should just go back to bed and start anew tomorrow?” But then, miraculously, instead of embracing my ‘oh woe is me” state,  I found myself thinking, “What’s one good thing about this day so far?”

“What’s one good thing”… simple and effective.  


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