It's Possible

It’s possible to be the most embarrassing person on the entire planet… and still be loved by your spouse, children and friends. (Just ask my spouse, kids and friends!)

It’s possible to say the wrong thing, react in a way that you’re not proud of, disagree, digress and blow up friendships and still have amazing relationships.

It’s possible to make cataclysmic mistakes, not know where you’re going and change direction hundreds of times and still end up in the right place.

It’s possible to be authentic, vulnerable and insecure and still move forward.

It’s possible to do so many things, yet we often forget this simple truth.

I’ve forgotten that it’s possible so many times over the years….

  •  I forgot when I said no to studying what I was interested in because I didn’t see a clear career path and instead choose what seemed practical.  

  • I forgot when I said no to moving to Italy with my husband and two young children.  

  • I forgot it was possible the oh so many times I looked out over the horizon, felt a pull to move forward and instead walked back into my cave where it felt safe.

But there are also the times I remembered.  

  • I remembered it was possible when I said yes to moving to Italy with my boyfriend.  

  • I remembered when I said yes to the balancing act of graduate school and a full time job.   

  • I remembered when I said yes to training for and running a marathon.  

  • I remembered when I said yes to getting married, having children, making new friends, writing a book, spending a year traveling around the world with my family and deciding the world needed SouperPower.

Yet, in spite of all the proof that remembering is better, I still forget.

Perhaps it’s because remembering isn’t easy. It takes focus and attention and vulnerability.

But it’s almost always worth it.

Can you imagine what might happen if we reminded ourselves that the focus and attention and vulnerability were worth it?

Can you imagine what might happened if you always believed it was  possible?