Perhaps you can relate when thinking about your empty nest…

You tell yourself you’ll love…

the extra closet space… the possibility of having leftovers… less laundry… more time with your significant other, or to date… all that “me time” to do exactly what you want…

Yet, even with all the positive thinking you can muster, the thought of your empty nest is still anything but exciting. Instead it ranks right up there with getting a colonoscopy, a slow wi-fi connection and a delayed flight.

Finding the Silver Lining In Your Empty Nest is a class for people who want to be excited about this next chapter of their lives but instead find themselves worrying and anticipating (or experiencing) a profound sense of loss.


Four 1 1/2 hour classes for $197

Friday January 12, 19, 26 and February 2

from 10:00am – 11:30am

at a location in central Denver

For many of us, there’s a little voice inside that says: “You can handle this.  It’s no big deal.  Think of all the people who’ve gone through this before.”

But then that prevailing sense of loss creeps in.  That sense that this is a big deal and that  even though you know it’s time to redefine yourself, your Mom identity isn’t giving in so easily.

If the real you is ready to redefine yourself and your life… even if it all feels a bit awkward, we’re here to help.


In this class, we’ll share…

  • How to move away from the feelings of grief, loss and worry and move towards excitement around what’s to come.
  • How to fill the void that the end of day to day parenting leaves by  enjoyable and energizing possibilities. We’ll help you identify new possibilities, find and explore new interests and take old interests off the shelf where they’ve been sitting since the kids arrived.
  • How to build and rebuild relationships with yourself, your partner and friends.
  • How to intentionally reimagine your parenting role and set the stage for an amazing new relationship with your adult child or children.

This class was created so that you”ll leave the class looking forward to your “new” normal.

We hope to see you there!



Payment & Registration

This 4-session class is only $197.

We will meet in person on:

Friday, January 12

Friday, January 19

Friday, January 26

From 10:00am – 11:30am

At a location in Central Denver

All classes will be recorded and delivered to you via email so no worries if you have to miss one!  

A portion of the earnings from this class will be donated to the Women’s Bean Project.

Can’t make it to this class but still interested? Send us an email and we’ll make sure you are the first to know when we offer it again! 

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Who are Wendy and Lisa and why are they teaching this class? 

Wendy and Lisa met on blind date. But probably not the kind you’re thinking of. Our then high school daughters decided we just had to meet each other and set us up on a mom-date.

Ends up, those two smarty-pants girls were right. We did have a lot in common. So much so in fact, that teaching a class together seemed like the perfect partnership.

So here we are. With a combined experience in personal growth and coaching of 20 years and a whopping combined total of 101 years of day-to-day and empty-nest parenting under our belts.



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Still Curious… 

Wendy Kelly is an energy healer and motivational speaker and who’s been teaching meditation and self-awareness classes to private clients and institutional groups. Her audiences range from high-powered executives to pre-teen girls who all walk away empowered with new knowledge and transformational tools to reduce stress and achieve a more balanced and satisfying life.

Lisa Culhane is a Martha Beck trained Life Coach with experience in the work of Byron Katie, Joe Dispenza and Appreciative Inquiry, a published author and speaker who is dedicated to helping people who are ready to take action and want a well trained and trusted strategist on speed dial so they can go farther, faster.

Wendy and Lisa both love their dogs, children and husbands (in that order) and helping people live a more joy filled life. You can find their work at and