balloonI’ve been feeling a little deflated recently.

Perhaps it’s the aftermath of leaving it all on the field during the end of the school year million yard dash or the realization that the number of summers I have left with my kiddos are limited or because it’s that awkward season between red wine and gin and tonics….

No matter the reason, the cure has become my focus.

I tried marathon sessions of Parks and Rec and Parenthood, copious amounts of dark chocolate covered pumpkin seeds, Facebook and skipping my morning runs, all to no avail.

So I decided to try something different. Instead of drowning the deflated feeling in Netflix, chocolate and a good old fashioned round of beating myself up, I decided to stop and notice it.

And lo and behold, I didn’t implode or even come to the realization that my life is doomed. Because it is, after all, just a transition and transitions are doable.

Especially with a couple of tools I’ve learned as a coach that help blow some air into that deflated feeling.

I’ve shared the tools I used below, just in case you can relate.

Take care,

  1. Write down 3 things that have made you feel good in the past 24 hours in as much detail as possible.
  2. Make a list of things that make you laugh when you are doing them. Running through the sprinklers? A YouTube Video that always gets you giggling? Singing along with ABBA? Playing Cards Against Humanity? (This is the card game for horrible people and a personal favorite!)
  3. Do something on the list! NOW!
  4. Step out of your comfort zone. Even if it’s just for a couple minutes. (Depending on what’s on your list of things that make you laugh, this could be a twofer!)
  5. Do something kind for someone else; write a thank you note, hold the door for the person behind you, smile and chit chat with the stranger sitting next to you, do one of your kids chores for them…)
  6. Drink more water. (I know it sounds silly, but it seriously works!)


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