You go to work.  Or run a business.

To make a living.

But also to make a difference.

Yet the make a difference piece has taken a back seat,

or been moved into the trunk

or relegated to a shelf in the garage.

Which leaves you feeling unappreciated.

And frustrated.

And stuck.

You wonder if it’s time to switch jobs, try a different industry or to just start drinking heavily.

If you find yourself in a conference room or on a call or at your desk dreaming about being someplace, anyplace else on earth – it’s time to try something different. (And I’m not talking drugs or living off the grid in Mexico.)

I’m talking good old-fashioned appreciation.  For yourself and for others.

According to a worldwide poll of over 200,000 people that was conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in 2014, the #1 thing people crave from work is appreciation. (Money is a distant #8 out of 26 possible factors.)

And you can do appreciation.

It’s easy to learn. It’s inexpensive. And it’s available to absolutely everyone, everywhere, everyday and in every possible way!

I teach individuals and business teams how to implement simple + practical tools to create a more appreciative + happy environment for your employees, clients and vendors. And happy + appreciated people = reduced turnover + higher sales + more clients which all adds up to a better bottom line + a work place people want to be a part of.

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