Hi there. I’m Lisa Culhane.  20140828-7151-Culhane

I’m a life coach who works with executives, teachers, PhD’s, artists, receptionists, lawyers, stay-at-home parents and everyone in between because what you do, where you come from and who you are doesn’t matter if you don’t feel inspired, effective and connected.

But how do you get to a place of inspiration, effectiveness and connection when all you feel is stuck and defeated?

For me, it started on a clear June morning in 2008 as I leaned over to say one last goodbye to my dog Sophie.  I was leaving her to catch the first of many flights that would take me on a year long journey around the world with my husband and 2 children.

Well really it started about 6 years earlier when I pulled the plug on a long held dream to live in Italy because I was too fearful… too scared to leave my comfortable life in Denver, even to accept the fabulous job that my husband had been offered in Italy. Too scared to make a change and far too scared to face the fear.

Sure, I had a lot of excuses, but really it came down to nothing more than my letting fear beat hope. And boy howdy, did it make me feel small.

So I grabbed on to the idea that we would do something else. Something big. Like taking a year off to travel around the world with our kids.

The giving up of a long held dream, the setting of a new ambitious goal and then following through on that goal taught me a lot about how to create a life I love.

Now I use the lessons I learned as we traveled to teach my clients how to make decisions from a place of hope instead of fear.

I also use a whole lot of tools I’ve learned from studying with Master Coaches like Martha Beck, Byron Katie, Susan Hyatt and the Appreciative Inquiry gang.

If you’re ready to take action and realize a well trained and trusted strategist and confident will help you get farther, faster, I would love to help you.

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