Hey there.
I'm Lisa Culhane

I became a relationship coach because after spending a year traveling around the world with my family when my children were 9 and 11, people wanted to know how we did it… especially the part where we spent 24 hours a day together for 365 days in a row. (Well, really 354!)

My clients are people just like you and me who are dedicated to living their best lives but sometimes need a little help figuring out what that actually means and how to go about achieving it.

They realize they are tired of that nagging, underlying feeling of weariness.. you know the one that leaves you feeling unappreciated, alone and overwhelmed.

As a wife of 26+ years and mother of 2, I understand that relationships can be messy, amazing, disappointing, frustrating and magical… often all in the span of 24 hours! I also understand that sometimes, in the midst of it all, you can feel lonely.

The good news is there are proven tools and strategies that can help us reawaken our connection to ourselves, our loved ones, and our world and create the relationships and life we crave.

Give me a call and learn why getting the support you need to create the relationships and life you crave is one of the most generous things you can do for yourself, your family your work and your community.

Some additional bits and pieces.

SouperPower is my free + fun pet project! This is why I started it.

SouperPower started because everywhere I looked I saw major problems.

Problems that made me feel small and powerless.  Problems that made me feel inadequate in my ability to make a real difference. I wanted to help solve these big problems, but didn’t feel empowered to do so… they just felt too big.  

So I decided to start with something I know and love. So I took myself through a little life coaching tool and realized that 3 of my favorite things are cooking, especially with others, writing and feeling like a part of a community. This made me wonder how I could combine all 3 and it was from this wondering that SouperPower was born. I realized I could make a difference by connecting through the simple act of making soup. 

Ends up a growing body of research supports my concept... happiness is directly correlated to our ability to connect to our family, our community, our world and ourselves.

SouperPower is designed to help you do just that.

I’m a relationship coach because my dream job as a lounge singer was nipped in the bud early in life by my overwhelming lack of ability to hit the right note.

Prior to venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, I worked in the nonprofit world, focusing on equal rights and community relationship issues.

I’m a big picture thinker and don’t exactly ignore details… I’m just drawn to the big picture first.

I’ve taken a lot of assessments over the years and according to the Kolbe assessment, I’m a high fact finder and quick start. The VIA Me lists love of learning and curiosity as two of my top strengths. According to Myers Briggs I’m an INFP and on the Strengths Finder my top 5 strengths are in the strategic thinking category.
What all that confirms is I like big ideas, am forever curious and connect the dots with ease.

Lucky for me those traits are the DNA of a good coach… one who sings loudly and proudly in the car!

Life Coaching Credentials: 

Martha Beck Certified Coach 
Gottman Institute, Method Couples Therapy Level 1
Appreciative Inquiry Certified Practitioner
Byron Katie 9 day school graduate

School Credentials: 

Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.  Master of Arts, Liberal Studies, 1996, Interdisciplinary degree, 
Thesis: Gender Issues in Business Management.
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.  BS, Business Administration, 1988, Emphasis in Marketing and Management

Life Credentials: 

Married for 26+ years. 
Mother of two Stanford University students. 
Dog person who has dear friends who are cat people!
As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague and acquaintance I’ve succeeded, failed, laughed, cried, been broken hearted, euphoric, stuck, frustrated, angry, grateful, regretful, overjoyed, and at least a million other things … but then, haven’t we all.