Lisa Culhane
Relationship Coach

Authentic connection starts here

Discover simple tools and strategies to build meaningful connection to yourself, partner, colleagues, family, friends & community.

Tired of that underlying feeling of disconnection and loneliness?

You're meant to have relationships that leave you feeling seen and heard.

We know (or mostly know) what we should do to have better relationships, but don’t always follow through because we’re busy and not sure it will actually make a difference. So Instead we resign ourselves to so-so relationships.

If you’re a  high-achiever who is tired of your so-so relationships, I can help. 

Successful people work with me to improve their personal and professional relationships and increase their overall satisfaction with work, family and life.

Let’s talk.
In just 30 minutes you’ll know if coaching is right for you.

The good news is there are proven tools and strategies that can help us reawaken our connection to ourselves and our world and create the relationships and life we crave.

2. Experience the Advantages of Coaching

There is a reason the greatest performers all have a coach. From sports to work to your personal life... a coach makes a difference.

3. Live The Life You Crave

Get the support you need to create the relationships and life you crave.

So what you get is....

  • More laughter, joy, and connection in your life
  • ways to deal with negativity, judgement, and criticism
  • Tools and strategies that are proven to improve your relationships
  • Healthy, nurturing, interesting and fun relationships

Ready to get started with coaching?
Let's make it happen!

Take your relationship off auto pilot. Learn tools and strategies to create a relationship others covet and you crave. 

Work privately with me and start transforming your relationships and your life today. 

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Discover the SouperPower of making and sharing a bowl of soup.

SouperPower is free + fun + designed to nourish your relationships and life. You'll receive a weekly soup recipe + suggestions on how to make connection an easy part of your everyday life.

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