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Learn simple tools and strategies to create the relationships you crave and build meaningful connection
to yourself, partner, colleagues, family, friends & community.

you're meant to have the connection you crave

Tired of that underlying feeling of disconnection and loneliness in your life?

Ready for more satisfying relationships and life?
It takes less time than you may think

Is there something you long for but can’t quite define? 

You’re not exactly unhappy… ambivalent is probably a better word. Drifting along with no real plan on how to make it better… just hoping that one day you’ll magically rediscover the spark that is you. 

You’re not alone. Most of us could be happier.

We just don’t know what to change, so instead we drift.

Let’s talk.
It only takes a quick 30 minutes to see if coaching is right for you.

The good news is there are proven tools and strategies that can help us reawaken our connection to ourselves and our world and create the relationships and life we crave.

2. Experience the Advantages of Coaching

There is a reason the greatest performers all have a coach. From sports to work to your personal life... a coach makes a difference.

3. Live The Life You Crave

Get the support you need to create the relationships and life you crave.

So, what you get is...

Ready to get started with coaching?
Let's make it happen!

Take your relationship off auto pilot. Learn tools and strategies to create a relationship others covet and you crave. 

Work privately with me and start transforming your relationships and your life today. 

Not ready to get started with coaching right now?

SouperPower is my simple plan to help you make feeling connected an easy part of your everyday life.

Authentic relationships are what nourish us on a daily basis and sustain us through tough times.

And even though we are hardwired to crave connection with others, we don’t always make it a priority in the midst of our busy lives.

SouperPower is an easy way to start building deeper connections, cultivate healthier relationships with our children, spouse, coworkers and friends, and do something nice for others... all while making dinner.

Make SouperPower your new superpower!


Access this free download and start creating a more nourishing relationship today! 

3 problems…    
3 solutions… 
A better relationship!

Hey there. I'm Lisa Culhane.

And I think you deserve your best life.
I get it because I've been there. Frustrated and not sure what to do to make a change.
My marriage, my children and my life were fine. But I wanted more.
My relationships were being overshadowed (okay, buried) by my to-do lists but nothing was dire and counseling felt excessive. Discouraged by the fluffy content I found online and the one size fits all solutions I found in books, I dove into the research and training and then test drove proven solutions to find the tools and strategies that create an actual difference.
It's that expertise that I share with you, so you experience results, not promises.

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